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Posted by xLite - March 9th, 2009

Killego has been a success!

Believe it or not, this was a small project, made in the time span of a week, and turned out to be a big hit! Picture after picture, each one taken as carefully as possible, to be merged with the power of Flash to create, what seems to be, a very original/unique game!

It's been under a week and I have received over 80,000 views, was 6th in the daily top 5 and 11th in the weekly top... whatever. Bear in mind that this is my first submission!

Thank you all for your support in all of this, now to let you in on a little news, I have been thinking whether or not to create a bigger, better, longer and more challenging sequel to this game... it has the originality... now it just needs the game play. Although there is one problem...

Killego (1) was a small game as most of you have noticed, now Tom letting me off with 16MB is one thing, but if I add all the features everyone is wanting(at least the good features) to the sequel. This might reach over 100MB, maybe even more. The problem I am haunted by is file size.

File size is a bad boy when it comes to this type of game. Each picture has to be taken seperately and added individually to the Flash. This results in storage space and bandwidth being wasted... so my only solution is call upon experienced users of Flash bitmaps/importing images into Flash, to help me with reducing file size as much as possible without losing any vital quality.

If you feel you can help, then feel free to send a private message through Newgrounds, and I will reply with IM details (Please ensure you have Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger installed) to allow us speak with each other.

Many thanks for your support and encouragement,

Calum Scott - xLite

Killego Success!